About Us

About Us

At Knights of the Comic (KOTC), we epitomize the next evolution in comic book collecting, fueled by a legacy of cumulative experience and unrivaled expertise. With a profound understanding garnered from handling rare comic books and fostering relationships with industry giants, we stand as pioneers in the realm of comic book curation.

As certified CGC Dealer Members and Authorized Signature Series Facilitators, our commitment to authenticity and excellence knows no bounds. Our global reach ensures that collectors worldwide can trust in the premium services we provide, while our presence at shows throughout North America underscores our dedication to engaging with enthusiasts firsthand.

At KOTC, we're not just collectors; we're storytellers, preserving the rich history and cultural significance of each comic book we handle. Join us in our quest to redefine the art of comic book collecting, where passion meets precision, and every page turns into a cherished masterpiece.

Discover the Knights of the Comic – Where Experience, Expertise, and Excellence Unite!

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